Listed below are answers to some common questions raised during the voting period. This page will be updated as more questions are received. 

If you have any questions please contact the Elections Officer by email on or by phone (07) 3365 3360. 

I am a UQ graduate; why have I not received my email ballot?

Possible reasons why you may not have received the email include:

  • UQ Advancement does not have your personal email address on file.
  • The email previously provided is out of date or has been incorrectly entered.
  • You have previously unsubscribed to all UQ alumni email correspondence.
  • Your email account's spam filter is set to automatically delete emails from domain addresses that you have not approved. This has been the case with some email services like hotmail and gmail.

If you have not received the email, please first check your spam folder and filter settings. The email sender will appear as UQ Senate Elections, and the domain address will end in

Alternatively, please then contact the Elections Officer by email on or phone (07) 3365 3360 to confirm your email address. Once your details have been verified, you will be emailed the ballot to your nominated email address; please allow up to one hour for the email to be sent.

I am a UQ graduate; I updated my details on UQ Alumni. When will I receive my email ballot?

If you updated your details on the Alumni & Community page after the commencement of voting, there will be a 1-2 day wait for the updated graduate details to be provided to the Elections Officer and entered into the election system. 

For faster processing times, please contact the Elections Officer directly by email on or phone (07) 3365 3360 to have your details verified. It should take 1-2 hours to process the request and email you the ballot to your nominated email address.

I am eligible to vote in other categories. I voted in the Graduate election and it's now not letting me choose another election

If you voted as a graduate, you will need to log out before voting in the one of the other 'internal' categories.

Please follow the following instructions:

1) Click the ballot link: 

2) Click the sign-out button located at the top of the menu:




You should receive the following message: You have now signed out from BigPulse

3) Close the browser

4) Sign-in again using the ballot link: 

Can I update my friend's details on their behalf?

For security purposes the Elections Officer may only speak to the voter directly. We recommend that you encourage friends to contact the Elections Officer by email or phone (07) 3365 3360 to have their details verified.