Candidates standing for election are listed by surname alphabetically:

KENARDY, Professor Justin

As a student or staff member with The University of Queensland for 30 years I have a strong sense of attachment and loyalty to the Institution. I have had many leadership roles with the University and my experience with the Academic Board, the Standing Committee, the Local and Central Continuing Appointments and Promotions Committees, the Equity Subcommittee of the Senate and the UQ Disciplinary Committee demonstrate the necessary experience, energy, and commitment. I have strategic and governance skills and experience with government, non-government and professional boards and committees, as well as having completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course.

LEA, Associate Professor Bronwyn

I would consider it an honour, with your support, to serve on the University of Queensland’s 34th Senate. As an Associate Professor in the School of Communication and Arts, I have a strong interest in creativity, innovation, and cultural competencies as they relate to student learning and employability. I am also committed to equity, diversity and inclusion for students and staff. This is both an exciting and challenging time for the tertiary sector, and I am keen to support UQ as it navigates the future.

McGOWAN, Professor Hamish

Hamish joined UQ in 2001 as a T & R appointment being promoted to Professor in 2014. He is currently Professor of Atmospheric Sciences in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences and has served on promotion and appointments committees in the former EPSA Faculty and Faculty of Science, and Faculty research committees 2009 to 2014. Hamish was the GPEM representative on reviews of the BSc and has served on other various School and Faculty committees. As a T & R academic with 16 years of experience of UQ operations he will bring insight to the Senate of the reality of daily challenges faced by academic staff. He will be a strong advocate for his colleagues and the needs of the research and teaching environs of UQ.

McKIMMIE, Associate Professor Blake

I am a teaching and research academic in the School of Psychology, having previously been Deputy Head of School. For me, research, teaching, and engagement are complimentary and I am passionate about the opportunities this provides.  My six ARC-funded research programs are consistently informed by external partners and have demonstrable impact outside academia, ranging from law reform commission submissions to effective training programs for police. Research also underpins my teaching.  I have developed five MOOCs, winning both institutional and international awards. These research driven teaching innovations transform not only the UQ student experience but also engage the broad international community.

McLENNAN, Professor Andrew

Andrew McLennan has a deep interest in academic excellence and strong governance. He joined UQ Economics as a professor in 2007 following appointments at Toronto, Cornell, Minnesota, and Sydney. An ARC Professorial Fellow 2007-2012, Andy is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, Economic Theory Society and Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Relevant to the Senate role, Andy served on the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Assembly (1 991-1996), subcommittees of the CLA (1 997-2001), World Council of the Game Theory Society (2012 -2017), World Council of the Econometric Society (2010 -2015) and Executive Committee of the Econometric Society (2015 -2017).

ROBERTS, Associate Professor Tony

I have been at UQ for the past 13 years. I became Head of the mathematics discipline in 2014 and was elected to Academic Board in 2008 and Senate in 2015. It is critical that Senate includes academic staff engaged in teaching and research who are able to provide independent advice and expertise. Over the previous three years I have raised numerous issues, including support for academic excellence, a strategic focus in sustainable endowment investments, and greater involvement of our staff in University governance. In 2015 I called and led an Academic Board meeting to discuss Senate’s review of the board.


I care deeply about UQ because it is one of the few places in our society where reason and logic are valued, and where some of the best human qualities are advanced and nurtured. As a proud UQ academic, I am keen to represent the voice of all UQ academics in the Senate to ensure we continue to excel internationally. I stand for further investment into research and innovation, and into developing new methods to deliver learning. I stand for forging a new model for sustainable careers in academic research by the further integration of student teaching and research.