Candidates standing for election are listed by surname alphabetically.

Candidates that have withdrawn their nomination have been removed from the ballot.


Graham Akhurst is an Aboriginal man hailing from the Kokomini of Northern Queensland. He is currently a full-time MPhil candidate in creative writing and nominated for postgraduate student representation. Graham is an Associate Lecturer in Indigenous Studies with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit. He has a vested interest in the Universities Reconciliation Action Plan and the representation of Indigenous peoples in both student and staff capacities. Graham is also a writer with many publications for poetry and fiction. His debut novel Borderland is being released with Hachette in July, 2018.

BOSSE, Jocelyn

I am a UQ graduate with Bachelors of Science and Laws, currently undertaking my PhD as part of the Law School project ‘Harnessing Intellectual Property to Build Food Security’. I can bring a unique perspective as a researcher in both the sciences and humanities. My participation in student life has included completion of the Advanced Study Program in Science (ASPinS) and my role as 2016 President of the UQ Justice and the Law Society. I have a strong commitment to diversity, strong academic outcomes, and good university governance. It would be an honour to represent postgraduate students in the UQ Senate.

CURTIN, Andrew

I graduated from the University as a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Classics and Ancient History in 1998.  In 2001 I graduated as a Bachelor of Laws with second class honours and was admitted as a barrister.    I joined the Law School as a sessional tutor and lecturer, teaching Land Law and Civil Procedure, in 2008.  I later worked as Director of Research for the Chief Justice of Western Australia.  My doctoral research considers the role of law in a system of virtue ethics with particular regard to the account of moral formation in the thought of Alasdair MacIntyre.

D’ADAMO, Timothy


My name is Maria Itati Dolhare. I am at PhD student and I also teach law at the TC Beirne School of Law. I have several years of experience as a commercial solicitor and as an international and domestic university student. I believe my personal and professional experience as well as my commitment to supporting public tertiary education will be a valuable addition to the Senate.  I would like to see the university to become even better known for its forward- thinking, multidisciplinary and multicultural teaching and research activities. I thank you for taking the time to vote for this election.


My back ground is rutted in a traditional, old style, real Mexican family. An aspect of my life which I am very proud of. Growing up in a small town allowed me to acknowledge the importance of contributing to the community.

I sincerely wish to contribute to the students at the University of Queensland. We as domestic and international students deserve a better system where competition is healthy and collaboration is encouraged.

I wish to be given an opportunity to start a new career path and build up the UQ Senate.

Thank you for your attention.

GERA, Suchita

UQ’s postgraduate-life is a second home to me, having completed my Master’s here and currently pursuing a PhD-program. To understand it and contribute to its functioning, I have worked as:

  • Secretary, UQU-APS (Association of Postgraduate Students),
  • UQU-APS Representative, UQ Committee for Academic Programs Policy (CAPP),
  • Postgraduate Student Representative (PSR), UQ Biotechnology Advisory Board, and
  • PSR, UQ Biotechnology Coursework Students Advisory Group.

With my career in science, I also enjoy poetry and have been published in Semper Floreat, the UQU student magazine.

I believe in – importance to all disciplines, being involved in the process, and progress through thoughtful change.

GOEBEL, Bianca

Bianca will bring experience in strategic planning and complex decision making to the Senate from former positions including: CEO, Non-executive Director, Co-chairing an Advisory Board and Chairing a Steering Committee. She completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in 2011 and is currently studying an MBA.  Today, she is a process engineer and social advocate for the empowerment of youth, women and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and the innovation of economic systems to facilitate this. She is passionate about enabling positive change towards the goal of equality of opportunities, in recognition of the diverse reality we live in.

HSU, Charlie

I am currently a 1st year medical student at UQ.  Before coming to Australia to study medicine, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow for 4 years in stem cell bioprocess development.  My interest in serving on the Senate started back in Canada while working on my PhD - I was involved in a range of student-led initiatives designed to promote knowledge translation and industry engagement - this ultimately inspired me to pursue my own entrepreneurial venture in biotherapeutics.  I hope to bring my insights working at the interface of academia and industry to help the UQ communities bring discoveries to market.

MACKAY, Thomas

I have proudly studied at UQ for the last 6 years, including 3 postgraduate degrees. My experience in countless UQ extra-curricular activities have allowed me to develop a strategy and innovation mind-set with regards to higher education. I am a board-ready nominee, having undertaking foundation courses at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and have experience in employing good governance at the UQ Medical Society as Treasurer. If elected, I will provide important, postgraduate student-perspective oversight of high-level university activities, and work cooperatively will all members of Senate to keep improving.


My name is David McEniery; I am a 26-year-old UQ medical student. Please consider my candidacy for the 34th UQ Senate as I believe I have the skills, experience, and desire to give back to my university community by serving on its governing body. I am currently the UQMS President, have served as President of one of UQ’s residential colleges, completed my undergraduate degrees here, and have worked as a UQ tutor and mentor. I have had considerable experience in strategic planning, governance, and financial and risk management and would love to serve UQ and apply these as a Senator.

NAK, William

I am a PhD student enrolled under the Queensland Alliance of Agriculture and Food Innovation Centre for Plant Science (QAAFI-CPS). I have been a student at UQ since 2011 and experienced the full pathway of study from first year to 6th year. The UQ senate is responsible for overseeing the new strategic plan, something that will affect all students in the coming years. I believe that I can live up to the expectations and fulfil the responsibility of representing postgraduate students in the UQ senate.


Studying in the world’s prestigious university in itself is an honour which makes us different in the way we create a change. My vision is to deliver the students the best of everything which as an international student I have received from the university and has nourished my future. Currently, I am working with JCI Australia as their Brisbane President for the career development of the Australia’s young generation. If given an opportunity to serve the 34th UQ’s Senate committee I will deliver the best of my abilities in the capacity of my role.

RAY, Campbell

My name is Campbell Ray. I'm currently studying a Masters of Agricultural Science, majoring in Plant Protection, and my hobbies include baking and coming last in slam poetry competitions. My interest in the University of Queensland senate is that I believe I can adequately represent the interests of postgraduate students, assisting in providing oversight of university affairs and helping to form deeper links between the administration and the student body. I am not a member of any political party and believe nonpartisan representation is essential to ensuring the best outcome for all students.


As a volunteer for the United Nations, leadership for me has always been about inspiration. How can we inspire others to their best actions? I recall what my brother a year older once said, “Zahra, from you were little you always knew exactly what you wanted, and went after it—not many people are like that.” As I reflect on this I realise, were I to be elected as postgraduate to UQ’s 34th senate, I would inspire in others—the inner will to take the best actions, and to know what these are through my link with key UQ members.


I am pleased to submit my nomination for the Postgraduate Student representative on the 2018-2019 Senate. I am currently completing my PhD, having worked at UQ for the past five years in research, teaching and management roles. In addition to my role as Postgraduate Student Representative, I am also keen to contribute to the Senate Committee for Equity, Diversity and the Status of Women. I am a proud feminist, a LGBTIQA ally, have lived and worked in eight countries across three continents, and am passionate about ensuring equity and diversity in work and study, and in all aspects of our lives.


With a high level of experience, a courageous personality, and the urge to make a positive impact, I am confident that there is so much I could offer to the community. With that belief, and with the aim of positively contributing to the Postgraduate student community of the UQ, I am running for the 34th University of Queensland Senate, as a Post Graduate student representative.

Please help me in making that positive impact, and thank you in advance for your support.