BRIGGS, Madeleine

I would like to represent undergraduate students in the Senate as I believe it needs a balance of voices. I study in three different disciplines, and see the different teaching styles for schools but also the imbalance in funding. I am volunteering/have volunteered as a Peer Editor, an ICTE Mate, and a Chat Mate. I feel that I can represent the majority of students and advocate for the actual wants of students on the Strategic Plan and university legislation.


I am a Bachelor of Science Student, I've so far survive 3 years of study at UQ and would like to give service back to fellow undergraduate students by representing them on the senate. 
I'm an average, politically neutral, GPA 4.5 student that doesn't get too personal about student politics, and likes to dodge campaigners just as much as you. 

I will represent you well, and will happily raise any and all concerns to the senate that I'm informed about. Cheers.


If elected to the UQ Senate I will bring a strong knowledge and understanding of the University's activities and culture along with the dynamics and intricacies accompanied with being an undergraduate student. I am in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science majoring in Biomedical Science and have lived for two years on college. To benefit the UQ community to the best of my ability I will make sure that I deliver a committed, consistent and compassionate representation during my term on the UQ Senate.

LOH, Ye Shing Lourdes

It is my greatest honour to be nominated as one of the undergraduate student candidates in this election. I am Ye Shing from Malaysia, currently studying Economics and Public Policy in UQ. I had worked for a local Malaysian political party as a part-time journal editor and I have developed a high interest in policy making. The experience has created in me a great desire to be involved in the governing body of UQ, to act as a link between students and the university. Your vote will be highly appreciated, and I am looking forward to serving the campus.


So, you want a new undergrad senator, right? Now, I’m not saying there aren’t more qualified candidates (if we even know what ‘qualified’ means ???). Nor am I saying I’m anything more than a regular dude with regular friends, a regular job and regular interests. All I’m saying is I have an irregularly large passion for people and politics, and it would mean the world to me to represent you on the 34th Senate. Need assuring? I hold positions on the Health and Behavioural Science Faculty Board of Studies and the School of Psychology Academic Committee. So, Vote #1 Ty!


Hello! Apart from being a science student, I’m also active in representing young people at various discussion tables. I am an elected student member of the 2017 UQ Academic Board, and the appointed Student Associate of the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural & Interreligious Relations, Asia Pacific, meaning I represent approximately 700 million 18-24 year olds. In 2016, I was the undergraduate student representative on the School of Psychology’s Academic Committee, amongst other university leadership roles, and I currently advise UNESCO Beijing regarding their strategy on youth (2018-2019). These experiences culminate to getting young people represented at all levels of leadership.

THOMAS, Zachary

I’m Zach Thomas, and I’m seeking your vote for the UQ Senate. I’ve proven I’m a committed student advocate, serving tirelessly in the student council for two years without missing a single meeting, along with Rules Committee and many C&S Executives.

I intend to push for better parking, realistic public transport services, real action on sexual assault on campus, and ensure there’s an active student voice on the UQ Masterplan and Union Complex Redevelopment.

A vote for Zach is a vote for a committed and motivated voice in the Senate, standing up for undergraduate students where they need it most.


I’m Ian Trinh and I’m running for the undergraduate position in the upcoming Senate Election. I study international relations and public policy in the Arts degree. Although I’m a first-year student, I have a strong passion for change. I love my university and will work tirelessly to ensure that it upholds its world-class reputation and this starts with you. On this, I will ensure that the Senate is accountable to students of the University. I will also ensure that buildings are of the highest standard. Finally, I will ensure that university degrees get ample funding to ensure its world-class quality.


Hey, I’m Ziggy Turner. I’m a current UQ undergraduate student studying Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. I’m applying for election to the UQ senate to help promote and outline the strategic direction of UQ while maintaining a vibrant campus culture fostered within students, staff, clubs and departments within the university. I hope that by being a part of UQ’s 34th senate, UQ will continue to improve and benefit all those who are involved within the university.

Van MOURIK, Genevieve

As I come towards the end of my undergraduate studies at the University of Queensland, I would like to participate in the oversight of the institution that has given me so much and where I have so enjoyed my time over the past four years. Through my dual discipline studies in commerce and international relations, I have become increasingly interested in the role of corporate governance and the advantages of effective policy. For these reasons, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to fill the undergraduate student position on the senate to experience its important function and actively engage in the university’s strategy for the future.

ZHOU, Zhuotong

I am always willing to engage with every each of UQers, to hear from you and to serve you in the best way I can. Regardless the outcome, this will always be a part of experience of my university life and have a long-term impact on me. Thanks for those who vote for me as well as those who vote for other outstanding nominees. We deserve a better University of Queensland.